About TACK

About Tack

‘Tack’ is Swedish for ‘grateful’. And gratitude is an integral part of our double mission.

First and foremost we use our cloth surgical caps to try and inject humour and spontaneity into all medical environments. This way we want to polish the all too clinical image of the medical world, as to ensure a positive, social connection. We try to facilitate positive doctor-patient relations, while having fun at the same time. Want to order our personalized caps? Look no further! Starting from a certain order amount we can tailor our cloth surgical caps to your exact needs.

We are also concerned with the environment, and we are determined to contribute to a cleaner future. We achieve this through the sustainable use of our products. The single usage of surgical caps is not a legal requirement, but instead a polluting habit that does not necessary improve hygiene. Our surgical caps are therefore made from high-end fabrics: this way you can wash en reuse them time and again. As of late our surgical caps are produced by sheltered workshop ‘t Veer. This custom company delivers premium quality!

And they look stunning, don’t they?


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  • paediatricians
  • general practicioners
  • veterinarians
  • dentists
  • nurses
  • anaesthesists
  • surgeons
  • medical students
  • promotional gifts




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