Veilig langskomen blijft zeker mogelijk!


    "Tack" is the Swedish word for "thankful". Thankfulness which is an inherent component of our dual mission.
    First and foremost, we try to inject spontaneity and humor into all medical environments with our cloth surgical caps. The days of stark white uniforms - which are associated with the sterile hospital atmosphere - are long gone. Colorful, playful surgical caps can help patients experience a positive and relaxed environment.

    Our primary mission is to lighten the relationship and treatment between patients and physicians/surgeons.

    Our dual mission

    We also focus on the ecological aspect. We want to eliminate today's throw-away mentality. Wearing disposable surgical caps - which, by the way, is not legally mandated - is a polluting habit that doesn't necessarily facilitate hygiene.

    Our surgical caps are made from high-quality fabrics, which makes them easy to wash and reuse. A colorful, reusable cap made from durable material? Who can object to that?

    Environmentally friendly



    High-quality fabrics


    Compliant with the law

    Nice design

    Fun prints


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